We are an official Saudian company specialised in electronic advertising and
publicity and announcements located in Jaddahcity.we offer a plenty of
other electronic services, for instance ; designing websites, commercial identity
, producing marketing videos electronic marketing and presentations.
The company has such a creative team work from seven Arab and
international countries to blast off from Jaddah the official location
of our company, our team uses it’s experience from orher national
and international companies to add a true addition. It possess an
incredible knowledge of the marketing needs and keeping pacing
of its developments. And developing its constant renewable tools
that has been a real and effective alternative to the traditional media.
Why should you choose us?
Among all the companies Rasmy Abdaa is distinguished by professional
workmanship and accuracy of performance as our first target is the satisfaction
of our clients through offering the best service with reasonable prices that suit
the work amount. We always seek devaloping our abilities to cope with the
marketing needs and the web universe. Trust is our motto
and professionalism is our goal
What we seek to :
Rasmy Abdaa is seeking to offer the best service in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
such as websites designing services, electronic marketing, identity designing
and marketing videos, etc. Our massive goal is to be universal among all competitors.
Our vision :
Create a distinguished model in the marketing services fields in a mixture
between planning for the campaigns and managing the Social media and offering all web survices.